Which one is better to master Python, R or SAS? I want to be Data Scientist


Hi ! I have done M.Tech in ECE in 2013 & proficient in MATLAB with Neural Networks, Machine Learning & Fuzzy Logic & a self learner. I know little bit of Python, NumPy, SciPy & Matplotlib but never used R or SAS. Right now working as Assistant Professor in Engineering College but I want to change my career to Data Scientist.

Do I need to master only one or all three (Python, R, SAS) and one more important question is that I am confident that I will master any one in 6 moths but while applying for job does certifications matter??? Course certification is mandatory to apply for job???

How to update my self regarding Data Scientist skills as industry standard??


Hi Suraj,

I would advise you to focus on the concepts more before you learn any tool. If you are confident enough, you can learn both R and SAS, but then SAS is easy to learn compare to R. Once you gain mastery on one tool, you can focus on other tools.

Expertise in SAS or knowledge of SAS would be good to fetch a job as a Business Analyst in India. Cerfitication is not madatory to get a job in analytics. However, if you are very keen to pursue master’s, you can do one from Great Lakes Institute of Management.

Please google more to learn the skills required in order to become a Data Scientist.


Thank you very much!


Hello @Suraj_Kamya,

You can refer to this article on AV



At this stage, I would suggest you to focus on any one stack - either Python or R and focus on the concepts / hands on knowledge on problems. You can always pick more tools on the job.

Certification would help, but is not mandatory. If you are “proficient in Neural Networks and Machine Learning”, you don’t need a certification to get a job. They will be waiting for you :smile:



Thank you very much for such a inspirational and to the point reply. But I am confused to pick one R or Python that’s why I mentioned my academic background. If you can suggest one that will be very helpful.


If you are just starting out , pick Python over R .