Which Platform( Windows or Linux ) is used by most R programmers for Rstudio



Hi All,

  1. On which platform (Windows or Linux) most of the Data Analyst or Data Scientist run R Studio ?

  2. Which Platform (Windows or Linux) is used by most of the Data Analytics or Big Data Analytics or Data Science Companies.

  3. or Which Platfrom is used by Most R programmers



If you can provide more background about why you are asking theses questions, you will get better answers and perspectives.

Otherwise, there is little value in doing these survey questions.


  1. Both Mac (home) and Windows (work).

  2. Depends.

  3. Hard to say. I’ve seen many tutorials on youtube being done on Macbook, but I would be interested to know these numbers as well.

My suggestion would be to create a Google form which you can create a survey if you are using this data.


Hello Sir,

  1. I working in the Domain of Digital Advertising as Data Analyst. and Started my career in Data Science.

  2. I am using R Studio in both windows and Linux but i want fixed the platform.

  3. I saw their are some function which having different parameters in Windows and same function has different parameters in Linux with little difference.

4.Hadoop is Open source Technology so most of people will integrate Hadoop with R in linux without virtual machine (According to me).