Which Python IDE preferred by Data Scientists?



Though I have worked in R for couple of years now (mainly via RStudio), I am new to Python. The language part is not a problem, as I am conversant with java and other programming languages. My main inquiry is which IDE / approach is preferred among data scientists while building models / solutions using python? One has the choice of command line type of interfaces (like IDLE) or jetbrains PyCharm ide or jupyter notebook type ide.

Also most of the R packages are freely downloadable. However, I wonder whether any above ides might have any constraints on data science related python libraries?


I think you should choose jupyter note book or ipython note book , it’s support write code both R and python.


jupyter notebook for exploration and prototyping … and any IDLE (pycharm / spyder) for creating scripts.


Install Anaconda . You will find Spyder as IDE which is awesome and come with pre installed data science libraries.