Which SAS Course to choose?



-Hello Everyone which course should I learn in SAS since there are many modules in it.!
-Is it Advanced SAS,Base SAS,Business Intelligence SAS ,Building Data Warehouse using SAS Data Integration Studio …etc Which one? what’s the diifference? Which is best in the field right now?

  • I m trying to shift to Analytics so which one will be better? I m working in a MNC for the past 1.5 years in SQL domain .
  • I want to be in the field related to Data warehousing and Business Intelligence in an Analyst position and I m learning R through Coursera. So please give me some ideas and knowledge about it eager to work in Analytics domain…!


Hi Lokesh,

If you want to be in data warehousing and Business Intelligence, then R would not help you enough. R is used mostly for predictive modeling and machine learning.

In this case you should go for Building Data Warehouse using SAS Data Integration studio. However, you will need to learn base SAS and likely Advance SAS (I am not completely sure) before you can do the data warehousing certification.

I am not sure, why you have zeroed in on SAS for a BI professional. SAS is not the market leader in BI solutions and you may want to look at tools like QlikView & Tableau or even SAS Visual Analytics.



I am also baffled with this question, which SAS path to choose, I have done Base SAS but still clueless, where to go next ? As there are huge list of SAS course,

link - http://support.sas.com/training/tutorial/global.html


Hi Lokeshraj,

As Kunal rightly said , if you are looking to be a BI professional , there are other tool like Qlikview and Tableau (market leaders) which are much suitable.

I have worked on SAS , and in starting if you need to be much better with BASE SAS and Advance SAS for any kind of data wrangling for any kind of Reporting or Model development. I did the same and with certain experience i have learned R and python for predictive modelling and machine learning .

You can go with BASE SAS and Advance SAS certification and later with some experience you can go for SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling.

Just to remind you , 70% of the time in project goes with the preparation and altering the data as per the business requirement and once that final analysis data set is ready , only then you utilize it for further needs. For that 70% of time , you have to know about Base sas and advance sas concepts .

My take for your query “Career path in SAS as a fresher 0-2 yrs workex” :

  1. Learn Base SAS and Advance SAS and do certification if possible . Try to work as a SAS programmer first and later you could expose yourself for the predictive modelling .

Go through SAS-career-path for learning path for sas .

  1. Learn Statistics and R and different useful algorithms for classification , scoring,clustering ,market basket analysis,time series.

Lot of good sources are present on analyticsvidhya , check them .