Which set of Statistic Videos can I use for concept building in statistics




Does anyone can help me with good source of statistics videos to build the statistics foundation?


Best resources related to statistics for data science

Hi @Shubham26,

See these udacity courses: descriptive stats and inferential stats. They are very good intro for statistics.


hello @Shubham26,

You can see the course offered by openintro in coursera.
Also you can see https://www.openintro.org/.
This contains labs and the text book for the course,
Hope this helps!!


Thanks jalFaizy.


Hi Shuvayan,

Thanks for the link, but i found its more over paid stuff. Do i need to look somewhere else may be i have directly visited paid service page?



I refer to some of the videos of Brandon Foltz - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrjdcImgcQVyFbK04MBEhA


Intro to statistics course by Sebastian Thron on udacity is very basic and quite well taught.

for anyone who might be interested still


Thanks Tanwarkml