Which tool should I choose to start studying Analytics? SAS or R?



I am a B.tech undergraduate and looking forward a career in data analytics. I am unable to decide which tool should I choose to start. R or SAS or Python?
Also having a confusion between Data analyst and Data Scientist.


Hey @anrg217,

  1. This article discusses pros vs cons of all the three R, SAS, Python.
  2. For data scientist vs data analyst, check out this excellent quora thread.

Hope this helps!
Sanad :slight_smile:


Start with statistics. The rest are all tool. Learn to interpret results.

R is easiest of the three but i would suggest Python which has more score than just Data science.


Plenty of good answers on this thread already. I’d also add that R and Python (as they are open source) are much more widely used, and growing (TIOBE Index). Looking long term, in my opinion R and Python will be of more use.

Whilst I can only speak for the UK market, I feel a definite trend towards R and Python (and not SAS).