Why we should go with binary load?




With the help of binary load, we can use existing qvw into another but do we need to do that or is it a optional method? Do Binary load enhance the performance of qvw?

Please help me to understand it better. thank you.




There is multiple benefits of using Binary Load:

  1. Binary load to separate the data model /scripting from the UI. You can easily build several applications focusing on different business groups on the same data model. So if you want to change the data model, yo need to do it at one place only.

  2. It loads data from another qvw including section access. It does not load the layout information or variables.

  3. If you want to add some table/island to an model of existing qvw file, you need to reload the complete data again which will take longer time. In such scenario, you can use binary load, load existing qvw file into a new qvw and add additional table/island then reload it. This will not reload complete data again.