Will an Internship in clinical SAS be good or bad for career in Analytics?



I have 14 months of experience in research domain as business analyst. Now, I want to move analytics domain and for this I have BASE SAS course. As, big 4s are not considerin freshers in this domain. So, a cliplab is providing 6 months of internship program but in clinical. Can u plz suggest is it good for career growth?


@tanveerkour, I’m simply curious: who are considered the “big 4”?


@anon, I didn’t get u. Do you want me to name those companies who are not considering freshers?


@tanveerkour, exactly. I’m new, so I still trying to find my way around things.



I was also amused by the term “Big4”. I had heard it in Financial domain and thought that you might be referring to Google, FB, Linkedin and Amazon here. But that is a guess!

There are companies hiring freshers - you can have a look at this thread on hiring:

You can look at companies like Absolutdata, which are present in research domain as well as analytics.

Hope that helps.



@kunal…thanks for the info.

In this, I have used the term “big 4” to consider all the big companies working with sas.


I Guess, Big 4’s means Big firms, but not sure.



I am located in US. Big 4 here usually refers to the top 4 accounting firms. US is in strong demand for many data driven roles. When someone has a good profile on LinkedIn, he/she would be contacted by in-house or head-hunting recruiters all day long. In any case, I would say marketing has a much wider job opportunities as compared with clinical trial/analysis.