Winning solutions - Data Hackathon 3.x


@Kalyan and @abhijit7000,

I have also forked codes from binga and manaman, they both finished above me. I think you guys are not on slack portals where all the codes sharing is happening. So you can look for there codes also in my profile.



@aayushmnit how to join slack team? I am already in slack, but dont know the team name. Thanksā€¦


I think you need invitation from @kunal


Thanks @aayushmnit for the info.
@kunal can you invite me and @Kalyan to the slack portal.
I am also on slack but dont know the team name.



Hi @Kalyan,

If you happen to get any info on joining the slack portal, would you give me a heads up. Likewise, I would update you if I get in.



@phani_srinath can you share your github link or codes here


@Kalyan @abhijit7000

We have sent the slack invites to you multiple times on the email registered with us.

I have resent them today - pelase see if you have got them.



@kunalā€¦ can you please send me slack invite??


Thanks @Kunal, for the re-invite :slight_smile:


I would also add one thing which I found out that we could do some unsupervised learning on the dataset to get into more detail about the data, just running a KMeans Clustering on the data gave some insights into the structure and we could use these labels as features in our learning models, gave me a considerable boost to my model.


@kunal - can you send the slack invite to me as well ? Thanks !


It would be nice if anyone uploads solution procedure for Hansa Cequity Hiring Hack.


@kunal can you send me a slack invite. new to AnalyticsVidhya. Thanks !


@kunal Could you please send me an invite to join on Slack . Thanks


how can I get your python code?