WNS & NIIT University joint MBA program in Business analytics - thoughts / feedback from experts required


Dear all,

The program:

Recently, I came across a joint MBA program offered by WNS & NIIT University. This is a two year specialized program and is said to be co-created by industry professionals from WNS and academicians from NIIT University.

The course promises to teach various tools including Apache Hadoop, SAS, Tableau, Power BI, WEKA, PYTHON, R, etc. Here are more details:


Also, it promises that the best of people will be absorbed by WNS. The first batch is commencing in June 2016.

My background:

I completed my B.E. in Computer Science last year and have been working as a software engineer for more than a year now. I want to move into business analytics and am considering doing a full time MBA.

I wanted to know opinion from experts here - whether the program would be worth spending 2 years and what would be career aspects after the course? How would the course compare with a normal 2 year MBA program from Tier 1 Colleges?

What should be the best way forward.

Kindly help @kunal @aayushmnit or any other experts here!


Hi @knowledge_seeker

This is one of the latest offering to come up in Indian Analytics Education sector. While it is too early to say any thing about the program at this stage, but here are some thoughts:

  • Given the co-creation of the course from industry and academicians, it might provide a balanced view between theory and research. But again, since this is a MBA program, the focus might be more towards industry.

  • The benefit that the best people might get selected by WNS adds some weight. However, in some of the programs like this it has also turned out to be a down side. Other employers tend not to come for placements because they know that the best students are already taken out from the process.

  • The huge amount of list of tools looks scary to me actually. I think there is confusion between whether the program is actually an MBA or a M.Tech. The list looks long, even by a M.Tech. course perspective.

  • NIIT University has been running a business analytics program for some time. While it is not the most popular program, they would have gained experience, which along with an active industry partner might lead to a good program.

It is definitely an interesting offering, but I will wait a bit to see the experience from people enrolling in the early batches. On the other hand, you can look at the joint course being run by IIT Kharagpur, ISI Kolkata and IIM Calcutta. It is also a 2 year program, comes from the best institutes in country. the only limitation is number of seats!

Hope this helps.



Hi @knowledge_seeker,

Actually I am not an expert on career consulting, plus I have least visibility over analytics courses in India. Although I would like to highlight some facts -

  • Getting a job in Analytics is not that tough, just requires some basic skills and then you can build upon it (Thanks to dearth of Analytics professional and overflow of data oriented startups in India :slight_smile: )

  • Many of my friends from Mu Sigma have joined WNS after 1-1.5 years of experience with ease, so I would say its not very tough to crack WNS for analytics job

If I would have been you, I would be considering the program on three things -

  • How old is the program, because generally in initial years, programs go through a lot of changes to reach a stable faculty and curriculum. So it’s always suggested to go for a course which is at-least 2 years old

  • The claim that best of the lot will be absorbed within WNS is good, but at what post and CTC is very important to know

  • Research a bit more about the university from alumni or current students of NIIT which enrolled in BA course, about faculty, workload, depth in which above tools are taught, hands on exposure, placements and ROI

Hope this helps.



Hi All,

I just came across this post/discussion on the WNS MBA course, and thought I could contribute to it.

First off, I am a part of the first batch of this program. It’s been exactly 4 months now (program began on July 22nd), and below are the pros and cons of the program:

–> It’s a fully funded program by WNS (except the refundable 25k acceptance fee, and the non-refundable laundry and mess charges of almost 50k for the year).
Considering that a stipend of 10k is provided every month, I would say it’s very reasonable.

–> The second yr is an internship at WNS with a 50k stipend, and after the completion of the program (2 yrs), an assured MID-MANAGERIAL LEVEL job is provided with a CTC of AT LEAST 15 LPA (out of which 2.5 LPA would go towards MBA fee for 3 years). The designation would be CONSULTANT/GROUP MANAGER, which is excellent considering they asked for just 2 yrs of experience.

–> MBA programs are usually more focused on Management Courses. This program, however, has technical components as well to a significant extent. The exams are pretty conceptual too.

–> Extremely rigorous course with a focus on case based problem solving.

–> Jack of all, master of none kind of an approach due to extremely limited time.

–> Not as many tools are taught (contrary to what’s written above) - so far we have worked very little on SAS, relatively extensively on R Studio, and now working on Tableau.

As of now, this is what I could recall from the top of my head. Will update as the course continues.

Final word - I would say it’s definitely worth it given the field (Analytics - Jobs are not that easy to come by for freshers, believe me I have tried for 2 years), and the assured job that too at a mid-managerial level. That gives a lot of room for growth.

Feel free to contact me at rupinderss@gmail.com for any queries.