Write a R Program to get following tasks done


Write a R Program to get following tasks done:

a. Get the Number of Words and Number of Characters from any string
i.e., New Delhi – has 2 words and 9 characters

b. Write the function(n) to get the exponential value 5^n

c. Remove all numeric digits and special chars from any string i.e., xyz21abc30.com

d. Extract only Numeric value from any string i.e., ab50af: 50

e. Write a function which read xlsx file and write csv format of that file in current working directory

f. Print difference of seconds from two date times

g. Create a function to distinguish every character whether it is alphabet, number or a special character from a given list
Eg. c(a,1,@) : a – character, 1- number, @- spl character

h. Create a xlsx workbook, add a sheet with name “test” and save it in Current Working Directory

i. Write a command in R to delete only the .xlsx files present in the current working directory

j. Write a function to count the occurrence of words in a given list starting with Vowels ignoring case.
Eg. c(apple, cat, apple, egg, dog, Apple ,Egg)
Result : apple – 3, egg – 2

k. Find Mean and Variance of dataset using only sqldf package of R
Eg. Mean of c(1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 11) is 5 and variance is 11


Hi @ayush370

Your query doesn’t appear to include any attempt at all to solve all these tasks. We expect you to try to solve your own problem first. Please edit the question to show what you’ve tried, and show specific roadblocks you’re running into.