You know you are meant to be a data science professional when


Let’s beat Monday blues and get some fun going!

What are some traits you have seen / experienced / observed, which differentiate a data science professional from others?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. A bunch of analysts go to Go-karting an evening. They spend entire next month creating a simulation of the race in Excel and discussing driving skills, missed opportunities and winning strategies :smile:

  2. Any time you look at a number plate while driving, your mind starts searching patterns in those numbers!

  3. When you go out for dinner with your wife / fiance, you can’t stop your brain to quickly estimate the revenues the restaurant would be making :wink:

  4. When you do a NPV analysis to decide whether to buy a suit or rent one

Keep the ideas flowing!


whenever u go online u feel like building some APIs to extract only the information you need.

Always think of improving web data display by means of new mining techniques to provide advanced filtering options.


I couldn’t quench the urge of responding to this one. I am not an analyst myself, but have first-hand experience here:

  • Generating a revenue model for every Restaurant is definitely one.
  • Movie ratings across a few sites, decides whether it is worth downloading or not.
  • Doing a Cost benefit analysis for practically every purchase.
  • Watching a match with them is a nightmare because they always have some sports website open, to calculate player performances.
  • They decide whether anything is worth doing, with a quick effort v/s return, calculation.


Here are some of the ones I have experienced:

  • When you come up with a scorecard to figure out your next smartphone purchase or vehicle purchase
  • When you calculate the probability of getting caught by a cop before over-speeding or running over a traffic signal


Interesting discussion!

Here are my 2 cents on this:

  1. You calculate the probability of your flight departing on time and landing on time by looking at the arrival screen and over time build a correlation between traffic on other routes to your route.

  2. Here is something I tried doing, while we were expecting a baby. Trying to predict the day / date of arrival of a kid basis past tests and data avaialble online! Needless to say, it didn’t work :smile:


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