ZS Associates or Mu-Sigma? For a beginner in analytics?


I am a recent engineering graduate belonging to Non-CS background.
I am having offers from Mu-Sigma(Decision Scientist) and ZS Associates, Gurgaon(Business Analytics Associate).
Which company to join for kick starting my career in analytics?
I don’t want to be limited to just data crunching job and not associated with the business problems directly.
Also, i have heard ZS Associates India location works as only a Support System(back end office) for other offices?
Which one to choose?



A few disclaimers before I give any opinion:

  • There is no universal right or wrong answer here. Both companies have done well in their history and have a lot to offer to any one who joins them at your stage of career.
  • I have not worked with any of these companies, so my views are based on talking to people who have worked in these companies.

Information about Mu-Sigma:

  • Mu-Sigma has been the fastest growing analytics consultancy across the globe. You can’t achieve that without being aggressive and ruthless in your execution. You should expect this in their culture. I have heard people working 70 - 80 hours in a week and there isn’t much of work life balance.

  • Mu-Sigma has clients across multiple doimains. Also, with their work culture, if you do spend a few years with Mu-Sigma, you will probably have lot more learning and experience of working across multiple domains.

  • There are a few clients in India, but majority of their clients are also outside India.

Information about ZS Associates:

  • ZS has focused a lot of Pharma Sales problem and most of the work happening there might have to do with sales planning.

  • You can expect better work life balance with interesting work, but for clients based in the US

I think it boils down to how you want to shape up your career and what do you want from your life in next 2 years. If you are hungry for a lot of learning, can put in a lot of hard work in initial years of your career, Mu-Sigma might be a better fit.

On the other hand, if you want a good work life balance and want to travel around the world, you can look at ZS as a good option.

Hope this helps.



At Mu Sigma you will be made to work work and work. But the plus point for you will be that you will learn a lot. You will get to work hands on, on model development which in many companies you do not get. And, once you move up a level you start interacting with the client which again does not happen in many companies.

But, I think you will take a hit on brand name and salary. Not entirely sure as I have not worked for these companies; but I do get to interact with people from these companies and everyone have their own views.